Hi my name is Gordon and I live in Paisley.  This year I completed a course on Living Skills at West of Scotland College.  This is a photograph of me receiving my Award at the Ceremony.


On the day I went to receive my Award, Sally came to pick me up, I was very nervous and I couldn’t eat anything as I was so excited.


As the names were being called and it was getting close to mine, I asked Sally to go up and collect my award for me as I was so nervous.  Sally persuaded me to go up myself but said that she would follow me and take my photo.  I did it!  Paul Martin (in photo), not only presented me with my award, but he told everyone how proud the college was about the changes I had made in my life and that I had become a sociable and confident young man.  Sally said she was going to cry she was so proud of me, but I still couldn’t eat any of the cakes or scones on offer after the Award Ceremony and had to have a lie down when I got home – I am fine now and very proud of myself