Our People | Alexander | Paisley
"When Alexander challenged Derek to a bowling match, Derek may have thought he was in for an easy win."

When Alexander challenged Derek to a bowling match, Derek may have thought he was in for an easy win. He is a champion bowler after all, having won numerous cups and medals as a member of the Charleston Bowling club in Paisley. However, Alexander was hiding a secret talent……. that man knows how to bowl!

The date was agreed and the scene was set at Charleston Greens for the bowl – off of the season. After a few practice shots the game faces were on.

Alexander kicked off the first end with a few cautious bowls. Nothing great to report but its only the beginning. Derek followed on, drawing his bowl round nicely to almost touch the jack. One nil to Derek.

Alexander remained calm and in control. Nothing to worry about here, he knows what he is doing. Staying focussed and with a steady hand the next end belonged to Alexander.

And so the match continued. It was tense, with both men determined to win. Pride was at stake here and no-one was backing down. They played on, end after end, winning one, losing another. Who would grab the final glory?

It seemed that the match would never end when suddenly the two men stopped and looked at each other. The crowd held their breath, will this go to penalties? Oops, sorry, wrong game! 

A voice came from the crowd “Time for a drink boys?” They both glanced down at the green and then up to the Clubhouse. Which way would it go? Would they play to the death or declare a draw? 

But winners don’t backdown so a rematch was agreed on a handshake. The crowd breathed a sigh of relief and headed (sprinted) to the Clubhouse.

The day ended with a dissection of the game over a diet coke and an Irn Bru. No alcohol here, they are professional sport men after all!

Alexander and Derek standing on a bowling green with bowls in their hands, smiling
Charleston Bowling Club August 2022