Our People | David | Paisley
"I needed to be a bit more independent, so we found a home with McFarlane Trust."

My name is David, I live with my carers and 3 other housemates at a McFarlane Trust property. I’ve been living at my current residence for about 10 months now. Before, I lived with my mum and dad. It had gotten to a point where I needed to be a bit more independent, and so we looked at McFarlane Trust and found a home that would be suitable for me. 

It was the care manager Jackie Murney that told me and my parents about McFarlane Trust. I’m quite happy I moved here – I like living in Paisley, I grew up here and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

It’s been a big adjustment, but I feel I’m getting on better now. I get on well with my housemates: 2 women and 1 other man. There’s a good mix of personalities! The key workers that come in change quite often, it’s great to meet new people. Helen is my key worker, we get on really well and have a great bond. 

David McKenna's flat decor

I like to get outside and go for walks around local parks and enjoy nature and the fresh air. I make my own bed in the mornings. I’ll also make a cup of tea for myself and everyone else in the flat if they want one! 

This year I want to get my steps up which will involve more walks, and I also want to go back to ten pin bowling which is one of my favourite activities. I’m looking forward to getting out for some nice lunches and dinners with my key workers. If there’s one place I’m really looking forward to going it would be The Lord Lounsdale in Paisley. 

I’d like to give a shoutout to my pal Helen. She helped me with this interview and is a great person to be around.