Our Staff | Etima | Paisley
"Joining McFarlane Trust has been a life-changing experience for me"

My name is Etima, and I’ve been part of the McFarlane Trust team for nineteen months. 

Joining McFarlane Trust has been a life-changing experience for me. From day one, I knew I had found a workplace that shared my passion for caring and upholds human values. Before this, I was into fashion and design, but my degree in Mass Communication and my natural inclination for helping others led me to this fulfilling path.

As a worker who is passionate about caring, I was moved by the degree of compassion and assistance that our service users receive daily, and I realised right away that I had discovered a place of employment that shared my beliefs and appreciated the complexity of people’s lives, the difficulties they encounter, and the value and contributions they make.

What sets McFarlane Trust apart is its genuine commitment to both service users and employees. They create a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels at home. The company values personal growth and provides regular workshops and seminars, helping us thrive in a fast-changing digital world.

Being part of a team that shows immense compassion and assistance to our service users has been truly moving. McFarlane Trust’s core values of caring, transparency, patience, and fairness form the basis of its mission—to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Working here has been an incredible opportunity for my personal development. The supportive culture, inspiring leadership, and work-life balance have shaped me into a better professional support worker. The guidance from my supervisors and colleagues has made me feel valued and motivated.

I’ve learned that fulfilment comes from being patient, passionate, and focused on supporting people to live their best lives. My advice to others is to approach everything with love and sincerity, especially when caring for others. This genuine effort can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Working with McFarlane Trust means celebrating success together, every day I wake up excited to go to work, knowing that I am part of a company that truly cares about their staff’s growth and well-being. I have had the honour of working under supervisors from my line manager, team leader and my co-workers they have guided me toward achieving my goals. This sense of belonging makes me feel valued as part of the team.