Our Staff | Margaret | Paisley
"I’ve loved my job since the day I started"

I’m Margaret Stirling and I’ve been working at McFarlane Trust for over four years now. I’ve loved my job since the day I started, the quality of care and support at McFarlane Trust is above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in other care settings.

I’ve always worked in care-based roles throughout my career and my last job was at a creche working with young children. My previous jobs are no comparison to what I’ve experienced in my time at McFarlane, and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

The support at McFarlane Trust is unrivalled – for both our tenants and our staff. Well-being is a priority throughout the Trust, with our tenants getting all of the support they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. As staff, we get to work in an empowering environment, with the comfort of knowing that McFarlane Trust is there to help if we need extra support, personally and professionally.

Throughout my time at McFarlane Trust, I’ve always been able to access all of the training and support I need to do my job to the best of my ability. We’re given so many opportunities to grow and develop, which I’ll always be grateful for. The Trust strives to ensure that we’re all kept up to date with our training and qualifications, as well as looking for input from the staff on what we feel we need in terms of support.

I’ve been completing my SVQ 3 through the Trust, allowing me to progress professionally and achieve a recognised qualification alongside my day-to-day work. The SVQ helps ensure that we’re able to provide a continually high standard of care for our residents, keeping us up to date with legislation and developments across the sector.

When you work so closely with the residents and staff, you’re bound to connect with people who make their mark on you. Throughout my time at McFarlane Trust, I’ve met so many wonderful people who have made a lasting impression on both myself and the team as a whole.

One of our previous staff members, Annie Mac, has been a fantastic role model for us all as staff. She had such a great attitude when it came to her work, with nothing being too much bother for her and always taking the initiative to go above and beyond for her residents and her colleagues.

Annie’s approach to her work really resonated with the wider team and it highlighted the importance of learning from our colleagues. As a team, we undertake a lot of peer-to-peer training to ensure a consistent experience and standard for all of our residents.

I’m proud to be part of the team at McFarlane Trust and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.