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"The Gallery Project "

The gallery project at Gartmore Road was an activity which we were all involved in. We wanted to make our living room more personal and to work together.

The first step was selecting our favourite place or activity to photograph for the gallery. Everyone was involved throughout the whole process from deciding where we would like our photographs to be captured. Next we were supported to go to the local printers to get the images printed and then we visited Ikea to purchase photo frames.

We then were all involved in putting the gallery together. We each had different ideas of where we would like our pictures taken.

Gordon’s favourite walk is at Oatshaw as he loves the views there.

Derek is a keen bowler and chose to have his picture at Hawhead bowling Club, where he is a member.

Gavin picked for his picture to be taken at St Mirren Football Club, where he is a session ticket holder.

Having a bottle of Jane’s favourite brand of juice is important to her and for this reason she wanted it in her picture on her daily walk.

We all really enjoyed taking part in the gallery project and now like to show off our work and talk about it with visitors.