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"The People's Forum"

We held our first People’s Forum for 2023 on Thursday 9th of March. We have been holding forums for many years and have always found them to be informative, enlightening, a bit rowdy, but lots and lots of fun.

The purpose of the forum is to give the people we support an opportunity to tell us about the service they receive. We discuss a wide range of subjects including what’s on in their local area, how to stay safe when out and about and whose keyworker is the best.

However, the item that appears on the agenda the most is when is the next party. True to form, at this forum, Caroline requested that we hold a karaoke night, in a hall, with invites to be sent to everyone in McFarlane Trust. Sounds good to us!

We always finish each forum with a feast. This time we had an abundance of pizza’s delivered much to everyone’s delight.